About Pasitos

Who we are?

We are a Dutch start-up company dedicated to creating Assistive software solution in the health sector.

What is Pasitos?

Pasitos is a healthcare software solution that allows caretakers to configure and plan activities of daily living (ADLs) for people with special needs. Pasitos is an innovative, adaptive and user-friendly tool that enables the individual to effortlessly accomplish daily fulfillment of their activities by providing step-by-step guidance using images, text as well as audio instructions,

Pasitos is the result of close cooperation between specialists, multiple international organizations and volunteers with extensive experience in assistive technologies.

For whom?

The service is used by both, the people who need assistance and their caretakers such as doctors, specialists, nurses, family as well. It is aimed at people of all ages with special needs (who have difficulties planning and performing daily activities) and who require assistance from another person. Thus, people with Autism, Down syndrome, Alzheimer´s or any other form of Dementia, and people recovering from different types of brain injuries caused by accidents or strokes, among others.

Download the App

The application of Pasitos helps you customize the day to day of your patient or child. With intuitive and easy-to-use features, you can immediately view scheduled tasks and edit them whenever you want. We have different friendly functions with daily tips, medical appointments, notes, patient location.

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