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Pasitos is a healthcare software solution that allows caretakers to configure and plan activities of daily living (ADLs) for people with special needs. Pasitos is an innovative, adaptive and user-friendly tool that enables the individual to effortlessly accomplish daily fulfillment of their activities by providing step-by-step guidance using images, text as well as audio instructions.

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How Pasitos works

An innovative technological tool carefully designed to assist people diagnosed with special needs in the fulfillment of their daily activities. It is based on helping both the person with special needs and the caretaker.

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Thanks to our step-by-step App, you can

program your daily tasks and visualize them

on your smartphone with dynamic images

next to the audio associated with each task.


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Add pre-programmed tasks immediately.


Tasks are automatically added to the
Pasitos App where they will be executed
step by step.

What are the benefits?

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