About Pasitos

What is Pasitos?

Pasitos is a software solution that allows and facilitates the assistance and daily care of people diagnosed with special needs such as: Autism, Down syndrome, Alzheimer's, among others; offering permanent support to their caretakers, through the configuration and planning of their daily activities. Pasitos is the result of the joint cooperation of various specialists, multiple international organizations and the collaboration of an extensive volunteer program.

Pasitos is an innovative and easy tool to use that generates a first-hand experience, helping the individual to carry out their daily activities, providing a step-by-step guide, using images, text and audio.

For who?

Pasitos is an application aimed for both the person who needs to be assisted and their caretaker, doctors, specialists, nurses and just family. This application works at any age; since it is aimed to people with special needs who lack the ability to plan and comply with their routine of daily activities; so they require another person to assist them. Pasitos is the first app that integrates everything necessary to carry out a complete follow-up by the caretaker to the patient, allowing the daily programming of their daily activities, registration of clinical profile, medical appointments, message alerts, thus improving communication between the patient and its social environment.



Download the App

The application of Pasitos helps you customize the day to day of your patient or child. With intuitive and easy-to-use features, you can immediately view scheduled tasks and edit them whenever you want. We have different friendly functions with daily tips, medical appointments, notes, patient location, etc.